The following policies apply to patrons and staff for use of the resources provided by the Waverly Free Library.

Note: our policies are currently being updated, and not all of the library’s policies are currently available on this website. Please ask library staff if you have any additional questions.

Technology Assistance Policy

In support of our mission to provide public access to educational and recreational materials, technological resources, engaging experiences, and the support necessary for community members to connect, learn, build skills and succeed, this document serves as a guide to library staff, volunteers, and community members seeking to access technology assistance at the Waverly Free Library.
The Waverly Free Library serves as a location to access equipment and information, but it is not able to help with 1:1 technology assistance for library patrons. Library staff are encouraged to help connect library users with more specialized services in our region.
Public WiFi and desktop computers are some examples of available technology resources provided by the library. Library staff is permitted to offer some guidance of these resources, but is not trained to provide 1:1 training or instruction.
Library staff are not permitted to assist with computer viruses, performance issues, hardware maintenance, running of diagnostics, troubleshooting of any non-library related databases, installing software unrelated to library services, or any computer maintenance. Staff is not permitted to help with any personal or commercial transactions.
Library staff are explicitly prohibited from touching a device not owned by the library, from performing commercial transactions for patrons, contacting third parties, filling out personal forms on a patron’s behalf, or maintaining personal logins or passwords of any kind on a patron’s behalf.
March 21, 2024